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The Everything Recruitment Thread! Empty The Everything Recruitment Thread!

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 25, 2009 7:34 am

Welcome to the PMS Clan Halo 3 North America Division!
This Thread contains EVERYTHING you need to know to become a Halo 3 NA Recruit in the PMS Clan!
Please read all the information below!

Recruitment Managers:

If there is a question about or problem with recruitment take that to your Recruitment Managers:

Recruitment Manager: PMS ElektraFox
Co-Recruitment Manager: PMS Painted Lady
PM them both!

Halo 3 Recruitment Procedures:


What is recruitment? It's the process each individual will go through, to gain a membership in PMS. In Halo 3, you have two options for Recruitment.

  • Attend 8 hours of Practice a week for 4 weeks

  • Attend 4 hours of Practice a week for 8 weeks.

[B] In the Division, this is what your recruitment Schedule will look like...

1. Post an Application
2. Confirmation
3. Send a friends request with a message to PMS ElektraFox
4. Xbox Live Interview with PMS ElektraFox
***Xbox Live interviews are conducted on Mondays at 8pm CST on Halo 3***
5. Receiving a check off, on attending an interview with PMS ElektraFox
6. Adding the PMS Halo Recruits Gamer TagThe Everything Recruitment Thread! PMS+Halo+Recrts
7. Please delete the Recruitment Managers after you're added to the PMS Halo Recruits Gamer Tag so they can have space for future PMS Recruits
8. Attending 8 hours of practice a week for 4 weeks or 4 hours a week for 8 weeks.
9. Submitting Roster information.
10. Attending an Orientation
11. Confirmation of Recruitment completion submitted to Halo 3 Leaders.
12. Halo 3 Leaders contact Recruit to Welcome them and collect information for new PMS Gamer Tag
13. Halo 3 Leaders contact Recruit and tell them if their Gamer Tag name has been approved & request Recruits rights for full PMS Active Status Membership.

How to post an Application:

The Everything Recruitment Thread! Title

Interested in our H2O North America Halo 3 Division?
Post your applications here!
Contact Email & IM:
Gamebattles ID (If previously registered):
How did you find out about PMS/H2O Clan?
Previous recruitment for PMS/H2O Clan?:
Have you Read and Understood the Recruitment Rules & Guidelines?:
What times do you usually play in Central Standard Time?:
Favorite Gametype you like to play:
Tell us a little about yourself:

Looking down you will see a selection box named, category.
New Recruit: Choose this if you are a new recruit just joining the clan.
Dual Division: Choose this is you are a member wanting to join this division as a second.

Status box: Leave this alone!
Tags box: Leave this alone!

Assigned Users: You will scroll for the forum names, Elektra akaFox. When you find our names you hit the arrow pointing to the right (>>).
After making sure the correct names are in the box to the right, you go to the bottom and hit save.

Recruitment Applications Thread

Remember to check your application often for a reply. Why? Because if you don't and you miss the reply and never practice with us then it's your loss.

Gamertag Information:

  • You MUST have your own tag to be recruited.
    Make sure you have your own gamertag and a headset. You cannot use the gamertag of your relative, best friend, etc. You must have your OWN personal tag and a headset for your entrance interview on XBL.
  • Do not make or change your GT to include "PMS" until you have gone through recruitment and have become a full member. Your leaders will let you know when this happens.

Guidelines for Recruits:

It is PMS' intention to have fun in a competitive environment where sportsWomanship is paramount. A few things you should know before applying for membership or entering a PMS practice:

  • NO CHEATING, MODDING, STANDBY-ING, BRIDGING, GLITCHING, SUPERBOUNCING or anything else that would give you or your teammates an unfair advantage in a match.

  • Always say "good game" at the end of a match no matter how much trash-talking has been going on during the game. Mute the bad kids mid-game if you have to - don't trash talk back.

  • Encourage the other players on your team - do not disparage, taunt or disrespect - encourage a weaker player or call out to your teammates if you need assistance!

  • NEVER EVER EVER say the "R-word" (r4p3), or create a gamertag that includes this word. You will be automatically removed from PMS. Period.

  • Appear ONLINE at practice times so we can INVITE you! If you're offline, how will we know you're there?? If you don't get an invite, ask for one!!

  • We CANNOT recruit you if you are a member of another competitive clan. You may not join our practices if you are a member of another all-girls clan. Sorry.

  • Kindly disclose in your application thread if you have EVER been a member of PMS along with your previous gamertag, division and approximate dates of membership.

PMS requires RESPECT, DECORUM & SPORTS(WO)MANSHIP at ALL times, especially at practice!


PMS Halo 3 Practice Rules & Ettiquette:

All scheduled practices are as follows:

Monday - Sunday: 6pm-8pm, 8pm-10pm, 10pm-12am & 12am-2am CENTRAL STANDARD TIME

Our Weeks for Practice run Monday thru Sunday!

  • Invites will be sent out at least 5 minutes before practice begins and the room will closed as soon as the first FFA is over. That allows you at least 10 minutes to attend practice.

  • If you receive a practice invite and do not want to attend, please send an “X” back to the person indicating that you are not coming. This way they are not waiting on people and things move quicker and smoother.

  • Each practice is 2 hours long. You will receive 1 practice hour for each hour you are there. Additionally you must stay for 100% of that hour in order to receive credit. For example if I go for 1.5 hours I will only receive 1 credit, if I only go for 50 minutes I will not get credit. I would have to stay for 2 full hours in order to receive 2 credits. There will be NO MORE ½ or ¾ credits given, this is an all or nothing deal. I know it’s a little confusing but its set this way to avoid people leaving in the middle of practice. At the half way point (1 hour in) the captain will give anyone who needs to leave a chance to do so. After the first hour there will be a 5 min. break and the practice captain will send out invites again, giving the girls who could only make it to the second hour a chance to get into practice.

  • The first hour of practice is skilled based. This will consist of custom games only. This is your opportunity to work on a specific skill. Some options are Vehicle training, sniper training, BR training, etc. The second hour is your chance to apply these new skills in match making. The room may need to be split up (due to different ranks, or number of girls), this is at the discretion of the captain, please do whatever they ask.

  • The Captain running the practice is in charge. Please ALWAYS show her respect. This means pay attention to her when she is explaining something.

  • Please do not send out invites. If someone messages you for an invite then always tell the Practice Captain and she can invite them or ask you to.

  • Please DO NOT suggest maps or game types. The Practice Captain will choose these. If she asks you what you would like to play then you can make suggestions.

  • Please do not get rowdy in practice. Yes, we want to have fun but we must also maintain some control as well. If you or others are being rowdy and loud then you can't hear your teammates calling out or the Captain explaining something.

  • Cursing in practice is okay as long as it is in moderation. Excessive cursing will not be tolerated. Use your best judgement and keep in mind that there are other people around that you may offend, we are all different.

  • Please DO NOT respond to the jerks we meet in matchmaking. You can leave feedback on them after the game.

  • NO TAUNTING. We should never taunt our clan sisters. In other words there should never be any: "I owned you", "pwnd", "get stuck", "what the..." or anything like that when playing with or against our clan sisters during practice. We are here to support one another! DO NOT USE THE "R" WORD!!! (R4P3) Use of the "R" word is grounds for dismissal from the clan.

  • If you are in a team game please remember that every member of your team contributes to the score. There should NEVER be any "you stole my kill". Every kill is a team kill and is contributed to the overall score. We would all love to have a high score every time but we should be happy if we have helped our team.

  • When going into matchmaking, whether you are in practice or not please remember that you are not just representing yourself, or just the Halo division, but you are representing the PMS Clan as a whole. Remember we are ladies and to act that way. I mean we may be tomboys, ride Harleys, and like to spit in the wind but we can show the jerks out there that we can win or lose with dignity.

  • ALWAYS say good game at the end whether you win or lose. This shows we are good sportswomen.

  • There is to be NO private chatting or sending excessive amounts of voice messages during practice. We need to communicate with each other and there is no way to do that unless we can all hear each other! The first time it happens the captain will send you a message telling you to please leave your chat or to please not send anymore voice messages during practice. If it happens a second time, you will get a verbal warning. If it happens again, you will get a written warning and then the final time will be a suspension from practices.

  • You must maintain a minimum of 4 practice hours per week to be considered in good standing. You have to maintain 8 hours practices per week in order to be considered competitive. This can be all regular practices or a combo of 4 or more regular practices and the rest competitive small team practices. If you are going to be gone or can't make your practice hours that week please post it in the Leave of Absence thread by clicking HERE or send a message to PMS Heartbreakr or PMS Eclipse.

If you do not maintain your hours for three consecutive weeks without notifying us that you are on leave, your recruitment can be terminated. We understand that sometimes life just “happens” just try and let us know!

We try to keep the Attendance up to date on a daily basis. Sometimes it falls a day or so behind so please be patient and we will update it as soon as possible.

Ladies, I know that some of these rules might seem a little extreme to some of you, but don’t let them intimidate you! We just want practices to be a fun, positive, and encouraging place to be!

If you girls have any questions, comments, or concerns please let PMS ElektraFox and PMS Ruin know!
Thanks! <3

Orientation Information:

If you are nearing successful completion of your recruitment period, it is necessary that you attend ORIENTATION to become a full PMS member.

Orientation is a time for you to learn about PMS and H2O clan.
It is also a pre-requisite for membership. (No orientation = no membership rights)

It's a not all that scary and serious - there are some games to be played after all! It's your chance to meet and greet some of our clan leaders. *You can ask questions, too!* Be sure to check out the following thread and its links:

  1. Orientation: Please contact your Recruitment Manager for the information to log in to Ventrilo.

    Also, please let your Recruitment Managers, PMS ElektraFox & PMS Ruin know that you plan on attending!

    ***How to Access Ventrilo & Orientation can be found on the second post of this Guidebook***

Once You Are a Member:[/SIZE]

Once you have finished your hours for Recruitment & attended Orientation, the Recruitment Managers will submit for your Forum & Division Rights along with your newly chosen "PMS" Tag name.

PMS Gamertag Name Information:

  • DO NOT Change your tag until it has been approved by the Leaders.
  • If you need help picking out a gamertag name, please refer to this thread to see what names are NOT available:[INDENT][INDENT][URL=""]"Choosing a PMS tag: Read Here First"[/URL][/INDENT][/INDENT]
  • You will then be added to the PMS Halo Roster: [URL=""]Members List[/URL]
  • You will then be added to the PMS Halo tag:[INDENT][INDENT][URL=""]The Everything Recruitment Thread! PMS+Halo[/URL][/INDENT][/INDENT]

You will still be required to attend the 4 hours a week to be an Active Member of the Halo 3 Divison, and encouraged to participate with the PMS|H2O Family.

You are also REQUIRED to attend a once-a-month Divisional Meeting held on Ventrilo. Date and Time information will be posted in the Division section prior to the meeting.

Membership is NOT based on skill alone, attitude is everything!

If you're not sure about ANYTHING, please, ASK!
We want to answer your questions and we want to play with you!!

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